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Saint Barnabas Parish Pastoral Council

This principal leadership team serves in an advisory capacity to the pastor to assist the parish in carrying out its mission. Potential members are invited to discern their call to serve in this ministry. Service on the pastoral council is a three year term and service is by selection not election.

Alicia Gunn

Alicia Gunn

Contact Number: (502) 499-8431

Email: agslick1@yahoo.com

Darlene Hoard

Darlene Hoard

Contact Number: (502) 458-6973

Email: dmhoard@insightbb.com

Frank Palishen

Frank Palishen

Director of Ministries & Administration

Contact Number: (502) 459-4251

Contact Number: (502) 533-6002

Email: fpalishen@stbarnabaslou.org

Marty Dunn

Contact Number: (402) 499-9809

Email: dunngood@insightbb.com

Renee Yarmuth

C. Renee Yarmuth

Contact Number: (502) 231-0503

Email: cryarmuth@yahoo.com

Steve Ramser

Steve Ramser

Contact Number: (502) 499-8441

Email: s7rams@yahoo.com

Ann McCauley

Ann McCauley

Contact Number: (502) 456-1136

Email: amccauley@insightbb.com

Felix Swiderski

Felix Swiderski

Contact Number: (502) 267-8765

Email: fswiderski@bellsouth.net

Marti Atwell

Marti Atwell

Contact Number: (502) 439-8850

Email: marty.atwell@insightbb.com

Patricia Clark

Patricia Clark

Contact Number: (502) 451-9954

Email: patriciamc@insightbb.com

Richard Kaelin

Contact Number: (502) 452-1838

Email: rwkael01@louisville.edu

Sue Miele

Sue Miele

Contact Number: (502) 493-4609

Email: suemiele@insightbb.com


Finance Council

These ministers work with parish finances, budget, planning, and procedures to comply with archdiocesan financial policies.

Facilities Ministry

Members of the parish oversee the maintenance, renovation and use of parish buildings and grounds. Meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m

Landscaping Ministry

A group of parishioners help maintain flowers and shrubs on parish grounds.

Treasure Counters Team

These stewards count the financial gifts to the parish on Sunday and Monday mornings.